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AuctionEnd Date
Brazil Natural  Dec 7th, 2017
Brazil Pulped Natural  Nov 28th, 2017
Colombia  Nov 7th, 2017
Perú  Nov 1st, 2017
Burundi  Oct. 18th, 2017
Mexico  July 6th, 2017
Costa Rica  June 28th, 2017
Honduras  June 22nd, 2017
Guatemala  June 15th, 2017
Nicaragua   June 1st, 2017
El Salvador   May 18th, 2017
Guatemala COE 30-Jun-2016
Costa Rica COE 21-Jun-2016
Honduras COE                                                  16-Jun-2016
National Guatemala 02-Jul-2016
National Honduras 18-Jun-2016
National Costa Rica



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