ACE National Winners


Every year dozens of hard working farmers submit their coffee and score well enough to pass through the first three phases of the Cup of Excellence competition only to barely miss the scoring cut off for a top award by the international jury.

These coffees have scored well by the national jury and exceed the quality of the vast majority of specialty coffees offered in the marketplace. For years, our members have asked how they can access these great coffees in addition to the extraordinary Cup of Excellence winners. 

We listened and are pleased to announce you can now purchase these excellent coffees.

Announcing the new ACE online platform where our members can buy these semi-finalist coffees with a simple bid.  The coffees will be offered for sale on the platform for approximately four weeks and sold to the company with the highest offer price. Bidding will close 48 hours after the Cup of Excellence auction has closed for that country.  All of the coffees will be milled to Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) specialty standards and held in grain pro bags, ready to ship.

As the successful buyer an importer can offer these to his discerning clientele. Roasters can sell these coffees as a farm indentified single origin coffee or blend these coffees into a regional star.  All buyers can contact ACE staff to get a downloadable logo.

Our goal has always been to reward as many farmers as possible with higher prices for their outstanding coffee and to create an easy way for global roasters to access higher quality coffees with transparency to the farms.  We believe the new online platform will increase the number of farmers that register for the Cup of Excellence competitions, thus moving this program into a new realm of sustainability.