COE Auction



A Cup of Excellence® award winning coffee is very rare. Cup of Excellence award winning coffees are cupped and scored at least five different times by two different juries in a competition that has set the industry standards for strict quality protocol. All Cup of Excellence coffees have scored 86 points and higher by the diverse international jury.

Cup of Excellence® coffees can only be purchased from the farmer at this online auction. 


Handcrafted by hard working farmers on often, small farms, these coffees are recognized worldwide by demanding consumers who have grown accustomed to their unique and differentiated flavor profiles. Consumers now look for the famous Cup of Excellence® logo on their bags of retail coffee for home brewing. Buyers receive free COE stickers that indicate the country and program year.

All Cup of Excellence® coffees are vacuum packed prior to the auction and shipped in cardboard boxes.

The identification of the farms, sharing their stories and ensuring that the increased price from the auction returns to the farmer has improved thousands of lives in coffee producing countries. The Cup of Excellence program has helped top global coffee roasters build farmer relationships, enhance coffee excellence, reward the farmers who produce it and source their outstanding quality.

“If it does not say “Cup of Excellence” it isn’t.

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