Perú 2017

There has been so much excitement about bringing Cup of Excellence to Peru and discovering unknown coffee farmers that ACE is pleased to announce a full Cup of Excellence program for Peru is being planned. This new 2017 program will include the open online auction. All of our members now have the opportunity to register for samples, cup the winners and buy Peru's COE winning coffees online. In addition- due to their ongoing support all 2017 ACE benefactor members registered as of June 13th. will be sent the Peru winning coffees samples free of charge. Our community members can simply order samples from the membership page. ACE and Central Café y Cacao-in partnership with the Government of Perú’s Ministerio de Agricultura, Junta Nacional del Café, Camara Peruana del Café y Cacao and Plataforma Nacional del Café y Promperu announce the Cup of Excellence will be held in Lima. - - The winning lots are coffees scoring 86 points and above in each cupping by both the National Jury and the Cup of Excellence International Jury. These coffees have each been cupped a minimum of five different times during the cupping process. The lot size indicates the number of 30kg boxes. Each box contains two 15kg vacuum packed bags.

Winning Farms

Rank Size Farm / CWS Farmer / Representative Region Score
1 12 La Flor 2017 Juan Heredia Sanchez Jaén, Cajamarca 92.25
2 13 El Cerro 2017 Efrain Carhuallocllo Salvador San Ignacio, Cajamarca 90.61
3 13 San Pedro - El Shimir 2017 Fredy Bermeo Guevara San Ignacio, Cajamarca 90.48
4 12 San Antonio 2017 Marco Antonio Montes Darr Chanchamayo, Junin 90.41
5 14 Las Orquideas 2017 Tito Huamán Salon Chachapoyas, Amazonas 90.11
6 11 Finca Ecológica Agua Colorada... Filadelpo Córdova Mejia Jaén, Cajamarca 89.77
7 11 Mandor 2017 Gerardo Quispe Carrasco La Covencion , Cusco 89.27
8 15 Oropesa 2017 Cruz Rodriguez Ortiz Satipo, Junin 88.70
9 12 Kukipata 2017 Cristobal Palomino Castro La Convencion, Cusco 88.68
10 13 Palmachayucc 2017 Américo Palomino Alanya La Convencion, Cusco 88.52
11 13 El Roble 2017 Mario Jesús Rufasto Zulueta Chota, Cajamarca 87.43
12 10 Vista Hermosa 2017 Alfonso Tejada Iberico Rodriguez De Mendoza, Amazonas 87.30
13 15 Don Juan 2017 Juan Manuel Diaz Muñoz Jaén, Cajamarca 87.27
14 13 La Palma 2017 Charles Marlon Arbildo Parra San Ignacio , Cajamarca 87.18
15 13 Las Pircas 2017 Nerio Collantes Herrero Moyobamba, San Martin 87.09
16 12 El Shimir 2017 Marvin Charles Ramos Chinc San Ignacio, Cajamarca 86.55
17 16 Santa Sofia 2017 Eluterio Bolaños Torrecillas Satipo, Junin 86.34
18 31 Monte Rey 2017 Felix Cachay Cueva Chanchamayo, Junin 86.16
19 15 Finca Rojas 2017 Saúl Rojas Malpartida Satipo, Junin 86.00