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Aqua Lab

Decagon Devices, Inc. provides an AquaLab Pawkit (a portable water activity meter) to each participating Cup of Excellence country.

Understanding and acurately measuring not only moisture content (often referred to as 'humidity') but also water activity is now considered an essential step in protecting and extending quality in green coffee.

Working with Decagon since 2010, we now take readings for water activity for every lot before the International Jury week and before vacuum packing. We record absolute readings and also measure any change over time to be sure that the coffees are within an acceptable range and stable before vacuum packing. ACE Head Judges use the Aqua Lab Pawkit, which offers portability in testing at the farm, mills, competition site and on the road.

Decagon generously offers ACE members a discount on their purchase of a Pawkit water activity meter. Contact Wendy Ortman for details.

Aqua lab offers a 10% discount for all members!


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Since 2010, we have been packing the Cup of Excellence winning lots in 30kg vacuum packed boxes. Each box contains two 15kg vacuum bags.

These specially designed 15kg foil bags are manufactured by leading packaging manufacturer, Pacific Bag International (PBi), Inc

We have carried out small scale studies to evaluate the effectiveness of different packaging formats at protecting and extending quality for green coffee. We believe that vacuum packaging offers several clear benefits over conventional jute packaging. Our studies are on-going.

ACE members are offered a discount on any purchase from PBi. Please contact Kelle Vandenberg for details.


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W.Wright is a leading supplier of coffee cupping equipment, providing high quality, competitively priced cupping spoons and other items to coffee associations, exporters, importers, cupping laboratories, roasters and other coffee cupping professionals. Our cupping spoons are used globally, and for well over a decade our spoons have been recognized as the industry standard, making them an essential item for coffee professionals.

We are proud to renew our partnership with Alliance for Coffee Excellence and are delighted to be able to provide all Cup of Excellence jurors with our small stainless steel cupping spoon for all competitions through to the end of 2016.  

For more information about our services please feel free to contact us.

W.Wright Silverware (SHEFFIELD) Limited
84 Sidney Street,
Sheffield, S1 4RH
United Kingdom

Ryan May
Sales/General Manager
T: 0114 2796568


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SCENTONE goes on a journey around the world to discover global differences and similarities.

We are constantly wondering on everyday habits and passionate to understand flaovr trends and to scope out the hidden value inspiring their emotion.

SCENTONE has vision to be the most innovative Flavor House and therefore focus on customer needs.

We help our customer to designed innovative flavor solutions on time that
overcome expectations and help to build up differentiated brands

We leverage our consumer insights, innovation expertise to create tastes and scents.

SCENTONE offers a 10% discount for all members!