Cup of Excellence has returned US $55,181,409.99 to coffee producers. Learn more about the winning farmers and read the story behind their success... 

Winning Farms

Winning the Cup of Excellence always changes the life of a coffee farmer. He or she is a star and for that one nervous, exhilarating moment is applauded and proud walking up on the stage and accepting the applause, knowing that their hard work, attention to detail, maybe their very livelihood is being recognized as important to the entire country. Some are very shy never having been in any kind of public spotlight. Many participants are humble country folk and this is evident as they shake hands with an ambassador, the vice president or even the president of their country, with the farmer's expression showing the huge elation from winning.

Being selected as one of the winners at Cup of Excellence means recognition and reward for the grower. Cup of Excellence has been a springboard for many farmers and has secured longterm relationship with international buyers which, in turn, allows for further investment in the farm and brings security for families and communities.



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