ACE Lab Rental

Our coffee lab is located within ACE’s global headquarters in Portland, Oregon. The ACE Lab includes a classroom and cupping areas with everything you need for small to large-scale cupping events, workshops, and training events.


Classroom Includes:

  • Educational Materials & Posters  
  • Classroom Seating For 24 
  • Flexible Layout of Tables & Chairs
  • Audio Visual Overhead
  • Projection System with Speakers
  • A/C & Wifi


Coffee Lab Includes: 

  • Full Spectrum Spotlights
  • Blackout Shades & LED Red Lights
  • Water Filtration System
  • BUNN Twin Brewer
  • 2 BUNN 5 gal. Water Towers
  • Mahlkonig Guatemala Lab Grinder
  • K-30 Vario Espresso Grinder
  • EK-43 Grinder
  • 12 Electric Water Kettles
  • 250 Cupping Cups
  • Dishwasher / Utility Sink
  • Probat Sample Roaster (with approval)
  • Espresso Machine (with approval)


Types of Courses Offered: 

  • CQI: (1) Q Calibration, (2) Q Robusta Instructor Calibration, & (3) Q Arabica Assistant Instructor 
  • SCAA: (1) Foundations of Coffee, (2) Instructor Development Program & (3) Select Grading, Evaluating and Roasting Coffee Classes

SCAA Certified

The ACE Lab is the first SCAA certified lab in Portland, OR.

How to rent?

If you would like more information about renting or have questions about the ACE Lab please call Laurie Linn or Sherri Johns at (503) 208-2872.

Sherri Johns:

Darrin Daniel:




  • $500 per day 
  • ACE Members recieve a discounted price
  • Hourly rates available