2014 Brazil Naturals - Nossa Senhora Aparecida - Cinthia Dias Villela

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Nossa Senhora Aparecida - Cinthia Dias Villela

Short history of the farm:

In the family for more than 60 years, and now in the 4th generation, Fazenda Nossa Senhora Aparecida won top prize in natural coffee produced in Brazil – Cup of Excellence Late Harvest 2014 – with the highest average score (92.22) ever given in all editions of the Late Harvest.

Located in a privileged region of the Serra da Mantiqueira in Minas Gerais, in the city of Carmo de Minas, the farm brings together great climate and temperature conditions, that together with the good post-harvest practices are essential elements for producing the best coffees in Brazil and in the world. Cínthia, Ticiana, Cláudia, and Roney Dias Villela, children of Regina Lucia and Edmo Junqueira Villela run the Nossa Senhora Aparecida farm with the help of the vast experience of their parents in planting and conducting the most highly recommended varieties in order to obtain productivity aligned with quality, an already consolidated highlight in the Mantiqueira de Minas region.

Concern about quality:

Our father carefully chose the location of the Bourbon crop, at 1200 m. The harvest was selective and only ripe beans make up the lot. Transportation to the patio was done shortly after harvest and was not exposed to rain. The beans were raked and re-raked several times (in order for the drying to be uniform) by Ivanil, the worker responsible for transporting the coffee in the washer, patio, dryer and for processing. Our intention is to always improve ourselves in order to produce and commercialize a coffee that meets the highest standards of quality demanded by potential partners in the entire world.