2016 Brazil Naturals - Fazenda Barinas - Marcio Borges Castro Alves

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Fazenda Barinas - Marcio Borges Castro Alves

History of the farm

The history of Fazenda Barinas beings with the arrival or Mrs. Theodora Jacinta and her family, who came to Araxá in 1820, with the Sesmaria da Mandioca (an agricultural land grant). In 1950, Alberto Castro Alves (in memoriam), the father of Marcio Borges Castro Alves, began planting coffee, thus becoming one of the pioneers in the region. With his perspective as an economist and manager, he developed criteria for diversification, integration, training and strategic partnerships. The family went through very difficult times when frost destroyed all of the coffee planted in 1975. But even this was not enough for the family to give up on its coffee-production objectives and the passion for coffee made Fazenda Barinas rebuild itself into the model it is today. Now with the 5th generation running the farm, it offers consumers a chance to taste the coffees it produces and enjoy a combination of flavors, with striking intensities, that awaken their senses. 


Coffee processing system

Natural Sun Dry - Patios
Natural Sun Dry – African Beds

Concern about quality

  • Certifications: UTZ, Rainforest Alliance, 4C, Certifica Minas
  • Quality mapping
  • Internal post-harvest processes
  • Complete quality laboratory
  • Exclusive Q Grader
  • Specialty coffees stored in GrainPro