2016 Brazil Naturals - Fazenda Caracol (2016) - Cristina Dias Sampaio Gerolimich

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Fazenda Caracol (2016) - Cristina Dias Sampaio Gerolimich

History of the farm

It is impossible to describe Fazenda Caracol without talking about the coffee tradition in Brazil. The farm has been producing coffee since the beginning of the 20th century in the hands of producer Amador Dias de Araujo. Fazenda Caracol stands out due to its natural beauties, including a preserved area of the Atlantic Forest rich in water and biodiversity.  

After Amador passed away, the producer and her sister, Simone, inherited the farm and decided to invest in the production of specialty coffees. In fact, knowing the potential of the farm given its altitude and climatic conditions and observing how consumers were becoming increasingly demanding and conscious about quality, they naturally turned to the specialty coffee market.

Process: Natural dried on cement patios

Quality concerns:

The farm employs good production practices that have guided Fazenda Caracol’s history and respects the plentiful natural resources of this land. No pesticides are used and employees are committed to the post-harvest operations that draw from this ideal and bucolic scenario, where the floral characteristics of the coffee come from pristine forests and crystalline water sources.