2016 Brazil Naturals - Sitio Armadillo - Pedro Brás

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Sitio Armadillo - Pedro Brás

The power of example: innovation in the search for consistent quality

Surrounded and protected by magnificent rock cliffs reaching 1,245m in height, the crops at Sítio Armadillo are being prepared to make history.

Currently, the plantation has 15,680 highly productive quality trees and aims to be a leading model for good agricultural practices and new post-harvest technology in the region of Lageado, Minas Gerais.

The African beds, greenhouse patios and fermentation tanks, as well as the use of organic fertilizers are an absolute priority at Sítio Armadillo. The area has been certified through Certifica Minas, a state led sustainability certification program.   

Sítio Armadillo is heading a local community association whose objective is the valorization of coffees produced in this region, aiming to balance costs, productivity and the environment.