2014 Colombia South - Las Colinas - Santiago Fernandez

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Las Colinas - Santiago Fernandez

I’m Santiago Fernández, coffee grower, I was born on 13 September 1969 in fertile agricultural land in the municipality of Caloto located north of Cauca.

My family is my mother Carmen Fernandez and my children Juan Gabriel and Carmen Andrea.

I remember that in my free time at school, I accompanied my mother Carmen Fernández when she was working on the farm. She had inherited the farm from my grandfather Sebastián Fernández, who had planted traditional coffee, livelihood partly depended on the crop. This helped me to get to know some of the coffee growing.

in 1995 my mother selected a hectare of land and start the work to plant coffee variety Caturro and  Colombia. With the desire to continue with the coffee, we add another hectare in 2005, and my wife Luz Alba Casamachin initially planted 2000 coffee trees.

Our property is an integral part of a large community farm, where there are 16 water sources that are taxed at the village aqueduct, are jealously protected for conservation and the group to have reforested 30 hectares of native species in the area.

My farm called Las Colinas, is located 12 kilometers from the town center Caloto, at a height of 1750 meters, with fertile soil and ideal climate for growing coffee, has sufficient water resources and there are crop diversification.