2014 Colombia South - El Cucho - Emilio Bastidas Yela

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El Cucho - Emilio Bastidas Yela

I was born on 29, May 1978 in the City of Providence, at the age of 10 my parents moved to live in the Chinchal village in the municipality of Samaniego. Slowly my father decided to grow Caturra and typical varieties. When I was fourteen years old my mother dies and at this moment began the hard life I had to leave my studies and devote myself to helping the company work coffee from my father.

My father gave me a plot and in the 2000 I begin to cultivate coffee variety Caturra. 5 years ago I formed my home with Floralba Jasmin Alvarez and we have a wonderful son who gives me strength to keep working and could finish my undergraduate studies.