2014 Colombia South - Cortina de Hierro - Leonid Ramirez Conde

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Cortina de Hierro - Leonid Ramirez Conde

Leonid Conde is a young, humble, simple and respectful coffee grower, owner of the farm “Cortina de Hierro", which is located at 1920 meters above sea level, in the town of Spring, the Municipality of Genoa, Department of Quindio. Is cultivated with varieties of coffee, Castillo and Colombia, rust resistant, with a stocking density of 5500 trees / ha; keeps her young and renewed coffee production. Leonid was worker of coffee farms for many years and with great sacrifice managed to save money to buy his farm. He also pays his studies and graduated as an agricultural technologist. He and his brother, with the support of his mother, managed the farm and do all the work; for 12 years of struggle and improving their coffee growing, always looking to produce an excellent quality coffee.

With care and dedication collects fruits one by one having an optimum maturity, the same day they are harvested coffee is pulped and made just enough time to ferment with singular delicacy and care. The next day, do the washing, always trying to have clean water, free of any contamination, prior to drying.

His dream is to make his company one of the best in the region, so we bet on the quality as the mainstay of their work, with the desire to one day win an important competency to obtain sufficient revenue to continue performing and build a decent house for himself and his family.