2014 Colombia South - San Sabastian - Jaime Andres Romero Melo

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San Sabastian - Jaime Andres Romero Melo

I am 36 years, ever since I can remember I’ve lived in a coffee farm with my parents and my grandparents, learning from them this beautiful work, sowing peace and hope each time you install a coffee seedling.

My primary studies were in the municipal school San Luis Gonzaga, secondary educational institution in the Simón Bolívar in my town Samaniego. Later I graduated as a Technician Mechanical Coffee in Manuel Mejia Foundation Illimani Caldas, during these years of study I was never away from the work on the farm, helping my parents on holidays and days off. At age of 18 I sowed my first separate lot, which cultivating for several years with dedication achievement save money to buy a small farm in Mosqueral village called SAN SEBASTIAN, where I installed Caturra varieties and Castillo, always trying to make good agronomic practices, taking into account the protection of the environment, and biodiversity.

I formalized my home with Omaira Benavidez Elizabeth Calderon, we have our son Esteban Romero Andrés Calderón, and work united to produce excellent quality coffee on that farm.

I am happy being a producer of coffee, and grateful to God, to life, and with my small I have gone ahead and I could bring up my family.

My dream is to grow as a producer and dare time grow a productive, sustainable farm life and be an example for my son, my family, colleagues, and generally for the coffee community, thus contributing a bit to a Colombia in peace and thrives.