2014 Colombia South - Villa Maria - Jose Rodrigo Pantoja Arteaga

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Villa Maria - Jose Rodrigo Pantoja Arteaga

Born in the village of La Capilla from Samaniego, at the age of 20 I married Bertha Benavides, we  have two daughters and 3 grandchildren.

When I was 22 I was the first to grow coffee in my village cultivating typical and Caturra variety, now I have renewed with variety Castillo, always with the mindset of having a self-sustainable farm and for the protection of the environment and wildlife, leaving a good legacy to my grandchildren.

In 2002 I suffered a car accident and now I have physical limitations preventing me from working on the farm, but with the support of my wife we brought forward my family and coffee company. Unfortunately in 2013 my wife died and it has affected me emotionally, but with God's help, my daughters, grandchildren, friends and family I could move forward.

Today I feel proud and I thank God to recognize a family tradition that started with my deceased wife.

I give thanks to God and I am proud and happy to be part of the coffee community in Nariño, always furnishes peace for all the people around me.