2014 Colombia South - El Naranjo - Gonzalo Dagua Conda

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El Naranjo - Gonzalo Dagua Conda

My name is Gonzalo Dagua Conda, I’m a native of the town of La Estrella, located in the municipality of Caloto, northern Cauca. Reach this world on 14 June 1962.

My family consists of my wife Ernestina Ramos, my children Hippolytus, German Gonzalo, Mayra Deofir, Beatriz Elena and Johnny Horacio. We are a very close family, made with solid values ​​and principles.

We interact constantly and address issues of various kinds, including coffee, all to improve and make decisions between everyone; this is our strength that keeps us going. On the other hand we also collaborate between brothers and sisters, we all help in the coffee farm.  The tradition of coffee growers comes from my grandparents and my father.

We are growers of coffee and we rely on five pillars that help us endure over time and our holdings are:

* Social and family organization

* Soil conservation

* Care & Protection of water resources

* Care & Protection of Wildlife