2014 Colombia South - Las Palmas - Edgar Dagua Corpus

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Las Palmas - Edgar Dagua Corpus

I was born in Miranda Cauca on 26 June 1974. Initially I had a coffee farm in the village of Furnace Municipality of Miranda Cuaca, but in 2001 I was injured for Rainy Season, an event that caused ME to leave the farm and later was relocated in another village named Monterredondo, where I started again to form the coffee farm with 2000 sites Colombia coffee variety, planted in 2003, then in 2014 made ​​4000 new planting sites range Colombia.

I consider myself a humble coffee grower and a simple lover of coffee cultivation, I care much to be aware of everything that has to do with coffee, especially for the quality. I continually like to be in all the processes of training offered by the federation of coffee, I am concerned about the quality of coffee since 2010 I became interested in managing the cultivation of coffee with a view of coffee special type which led me to my farm started making all efforts that have to do a good process of collection and processing of coffee in both wet and dry.

In my farm all members of the family participate, from my wife Olivia Vitonas Chate until my children Jaider and Mayle; I'm a believer that coffee is a business that brings progress and peace; Miranda is a town hit by armed conflict but if we all join to the coffee business we can succeed putting a bit of peace in Colombia. I am passionate about the Cup of Excellence, along with the group on the sidewalk we produce and select fine coffee to introduce ourselves in the competition.