2014 Colombia South - Las Margaritas - Eduardo Torres Barreto

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Las Margaritas - Eduardo Torres Barreto

Don Eduardo is a mature man, carries on his shoulders 76 years of life and work dedicated to coffee. He is a friendly person and has a great coffee vocation inherited from their parents and grandparents, a tradition that in turn has inherited his son Bernard, who is his now in charge of the farm.  His farm, "Las Margaritas" is located in San Juan, a town of Genoa, Department of Quindío - Colombia, between 1730 and 2000 msmn. He cultivates Caturra and Castillo varieties; their plantations are technically advanced and young, with an average age of 4 years.

Don Eduardo and his son have always been characterized by an excellent management ,they  have a great devotion to the quality of their coffee, so they strive to care for each of the stages of production, especially with everything related to the process of benefit. They had participated in the Cup of Excellence competition in the contest that was held in the city of Pereira 6 years ago, where they finished at the 8th place.