2015 Rwanda - Muyongwe Coffee - Elias Rwiririza

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Muyongwe Coffee - Elias Rwiririza

Located in Northern Province in Coko, Rushashi, Muyongwe, Rulindo, Muyongwe Coffee washing station was constructed in 2007 and work closely works with different coffee growers from Coko, Rushashi, Muyongwe, Rulindo and Muhondo who supply cherries to the washing station.

Through an established strong, long-term relationship with our farmers and a dedicated work,  Muyongwe washing station have been performing remarkably and  won several prizes including Cup of Excellence awards at several occasion. Beside winning the Cup of Excellence competitions at several occasion including 2007 Golden cup, CoE 2008, 2013, 2014 and 2015, the CWS won appreciation at East Africa Fine Coffee Association “EAFCA” in 2009.

Production and Processing Site Description

Quality control at Muyongwe washing station is the central axis around which our entire operation revolves, defining each stage in the processing of our export products. Strict quality inspections are carefully done from the harvesting and collection of coffee cherries, processing till ready for export. With a flexible production line, Muyongwe washing stations is able to meet Specialty coffee requirements through a wet processing with the following:

  • Carefully sorting and floating for removing cherries with defects
  • Removal of foreign mater
  • Wet processing
  • Drying and hand sorting to separate grades

As a result of carefully controlled processes Muyongwe won the 1st prize in the Golden Cup 2007 competition, 5th Winner Rwanda Cup of excellence 2008, and the first winner of this year CoE 2015.

Geographic Data and Address:

Province: North

District: Gakenke     

Sector: Muyongwe

Latitude (m): 487797

Longitudes (m): 9805392

Altitude: 1644 meters, processing cherries from 1600 to 2000 meters

Coffee variety: Arabica

Soil type: Silt-clay-sandy and Silt-sandy

Soil pH average: 4.7

Precipitation range: 1200 to 1400 mm

Temperature range (Celcius degrees): 17 -18 degrees

CWS Owner: Muyongwe coffee

Number of farmers supplying the CWS: 1252

Creation date: 2006

Treatment capacity: 297 tons

Fermentation method: Dry

Drying system: sun drying,

Road accessibility: Fair

Water source: mountain natural spring water

Environmental protection measures: Natural seepage

Contact person:
Mob. +250788400058
Email: antoine.urimubenshi@yahoo.fr