2015 Rwanda - Rwacof/Nyamyumba CWS - Theogene Bizimana

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Rwacof/Nyamyumba CWS - Theogene Bizimana

Rwacof Nyamyumba emphasis on growing the Bourbon variety of the Coffee Arabica species in Nyamyumba which is located at 1800m above sea level, 167 km from Kigali to the North-West. Our bourbon Arabica coffee is grown on volcanic clay soils on high altitude hills of Congo Nile Trail long of 227 km (141 miles) with a beautiful landscapes, including rolling hills, clear water surrounding shores of the  Lake Kivu and extends from Rubavu through Rutsiro via the Karongi, Nyamasheke districts and ends in Rusizi District. Nyamyumba is also a prolongation of beautiful view of Gishwati Natural Forest. Nyamyumba is known for its quality Arabica and was declared the winner of the 2011 Cup of Excellence Competition with 1 Lot out of the 34 Winners! The rich soil and the ideal altitude and climate have made Nyamyumba coffee famous because of it's excellent coffee.

Quality of the coffee produced at Nyamyumba CWS

Our wet processing process has allowed to master the process and to supply brilliant coffees with acidity and a nice caramel and chocolate characteristics, a sweet aroma and well rounded, smooth, consistent and well balanced.  A cup of Nyamyumba coffee will easily give the following sensations:

Acidity: Medium /Good (Having spines)

Mouth feel: Medium / Good (Round)

Flavor: Intensity/Blackberry, caramel ,honey ,chocolate

Aftertaste: sweet, clean

Balance: Harmony, Structure, consistent

Overall: Good Dimension richness

*RWACOF NYAMYUMBA has obtained twice Cup of Excellence awards 2008 and this year 2015

Coffee Washing Station coordinates

Province: West

District: Rubavu       

Sector: Nyamyumba

Latitude: 421469 

Longitude: 9807906

Altitude: 1742 meters,

Coffee variety: Arabica

Soil type: Heavy to very heavy clay

Soil pH mean: 5.3

Precipitation range: 1200 to 1300 mm

Temperature range: 18 -19 degrees Celsius

Treatment capacity: 495 tons of cherries

Fermentation method: Dry processing

Drying system: sun drying

Road accessibility: Fair

Water source: Mountain natural spring.

Contact person:
TEL: 0788308920
E-mail: nj@rwacof.com