Jury Application

International Jury Information

Cup of Excellence (COE) provides international cuppers the opportunity as jurors to get to know some of the world’s best coffees and its farmers while connecting leading professionals within the global coffee community. The international jury members provide the final selection of the country's best coffees that will be awarded the Cup of Excellence.

In 2017, there are ten COE competitions in nine countries. The international jury week has been reduced from 5 days to 4 days. Depending on the country it will begin on Monday with the award ceremony on Thursday or begin on Tuesday with the award ceremony on Friday. The Brazil competition will be 6 days in order to cup both the Pulped Naturals and the Naturals. 


  • April 4-7 El Salvador
  • April 3-6 Nicaragua 
  • May 2-5 Mexico
  • May 8- 11 Guatemala
  • May 8-11 Honduras
  • May 23-26 Costa Rica
  • July 31-August 4 Burundi
  • September 25-29 Colombia
  • October 16-22 Brazil Pulped Naturals and Naturals (combined)

International Juror Requirements

International Jurors must:

  • Have participated as a juror or an observer in a prior Cup of Excellence competition;
  • Be a skilled cupper willing to adhere to competition protocols;
  • Be a professional working in the coffee industry;
  • Be a current ACE member.  Become a member 

New Jurors / Observers

New jurors on any Cup of Excellence International Jury must participate the first time as an observer. Observer scores are not included in the overall score of the jury. Observers that demonstrate sufficient cupping expertise can apply as a juror for future COE competitions.

Observer Requirements

If you would like to participate as an observer for a Cup of Excellence International Jury, you must:

  • Have a minimum of 3 years experience as a professional cupper;
  • Be a professional working in the coffee industry;
  • Understand and speak English;
  • Be a current ACE memberBecome a member 

How to Apply

  1. Select up to 4 countries, in order of preference. Juries have limited capacity and fill quickly. ACE will offer you one (1) of your four (4) desired countries. International juries must be balanced geographically. If the jury in your country of choice is full, you be offered another country.
  2. Pay the one-time jury fee. This fee will be valid for one or more jury spots in 2017.

International Juror Fees & Expenses

Jury fees are shared with the Cup of Excellence host country to offset the cost of the 3-week competition. The host country makes arrangements and covers the costs for in-country transportation, meals and accomodations from arrival (one day before the competition begins) through departure (one day after the awards ceremony). Alcohol and incidentals such as laundry are not included. Costs covered by jurors:

  • Jury fee ($250.00)
  • Air travel to and from country of competition

Observer Fees & Expenses

Observer fees collected by ACE, are shared with the COE host country to offset the cost of the three week competition. Costs covered by observers:

  • Observer fee ($250.00)
  • Air travel to and from country of competition
  • All in-country expenses (transportation, meals, accommodations, etc.). Estimated expenses to be provided by country coordinator.


If you accept a jury invitation and later must cancel, please let us know immediately. Hotel reservation deposits are often nonrefundable and therefore lost if we cannot find a juror replacement. ACE staff may offer you a spot on another jury (subject to availability). Paid jury fees are non-refundable unless you have chosen 4 countries and ACE staff has been unable to place you on one of your 4 country choices without an acceptable substitute.