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Donate to Mexico Farmers' Loss

The Cup of Excellence family was devastated at the news that 8 Mexico lots, 5 of which were COE, were stolen in a late-night robbery. While insurance may offset a tiny portion of the value of the coffees, these farmers are left with no reward for their hard work and no financial cushion. By donating to these farmers you will be helping to offset some of their loss and will send a strong message that you care. These 8 farmers are listed below along with their scores and the size of their lot.  These winners will remain listed on the site even though their coffees no longer exist to be auctioned.

Lot Number Score Farm Name Weight
5 90.10 Dc1- Sana-Ite Yute-Savi 2017 1854.04
9 88.60 La Luna 2017 972.23
11 88.25 Monte Grande, Guayabal, Monte Grande 2017 2524.29
19 87.05 Ciénega, Paraje Viejo, Llano Guachipil 2017 1457.26
20 86.90 Agua De Huehuetlan 2017 875.03
26 85.68 Teetña, El Carrizal 2017 3057.81
32 84.63 El Aserradero 2017 1256.63
33 84.60 La Loma 2017 912.71


Any amount you feel you can donate will be appreciated. The donated monies will be distributed in August. These monies will be based on the 2017 Mexico auction results in a percentage that matches the international jury score and the lot size.

 On behalf of these Mexico farmers, we thank you for your generosity.

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